Services we offer

Design Training

The goal of training program is to kindle and support innovative design thinking.

Aim to accelerate designer progress

Training to enhance designer skills with innovative out of the box thinking.
Beginner design training.
Fast track design training.
Expert design training.
Top end design training.
Leadership design training.

Design Consulting

Creating value in all stages of development with design methodology that is long lasting.

Design driven by innovation & design thinking

Design Reviews before development.
Design Audits after development.
Design Evaluations for built solutions.
Design Mentoring for building products.
Reference Designs.

Technology Services

Facilitating adoption of latest & niche technologies in to building solutions & products.

Delievered by Hands-on and Certified professionals

Database design & implementation for performance, scale & availability.
Hands-on technology implementation training workshops with case studies.
Hardware & Software license optimization to reduce costs incurred over a period.

Development Services

Passion for design goes beyond development to create intuitive experiences

Build great products that generate value

Cross platform mobile & web application development.
Mobile app launch on store assisted with strategy to maximize usage & downloads.
Re-engineer software and legacy to modern application transformation to sustain with market conditions.

Patterns UVS Design Methodology

Patterns is a consulting & training firm with design at its core and advocates UVS design methodology.

  • U stands for complete Understanding,
  • V stands for formal Vision step in design &
  • S stands for Seven dimensional design.

We focus on enhancement of designer quotient, by providing conventional design training complemented by a strong focus on undocumented design practices and emphasis on identifying unstated design goals and providing innovative solutions, vital to reducing technology debt. Designer quotient is an assessment of a designers ability to design: understand, add vision, innovate, ideate and solve.

Why Patterns

  • Independent design innovation with a specialty of correlating efficient techniques to increase software life and operating value.
  • Eliminate the fundamental issues in software design and provide solution approach for the ‘ignored goals’.
  • Skills to identify problems and execute projects at an accelerated pace to reduce cost.
  • Broad and deep expertise across a full spectrum of technologies to optimize infrastructure and license use.
  • Built on the foundation belief of UVS design methodology is an organizational asset.

Seven Dimensional Design

  • Business Domain Requirements
  • Information Domain Requirements
  • Technology Domain Requirements
  • Engineering Requirements
  • Security Requirements
  • Impact of Time
  • Social Requirements