Among the tasks that administrators must realize we are not only developing new projects, new developments, new databases, etc., but we also monitor the quality of each of our systems is adequate, that is where enters game tools like “AWR” and “ADDM” whose function is to monitor performance, identify bottlenecks, etc. However, it is also very important that the hardware being used is also in good condition, software versions that we use are certified, etc., it is how the “Exachk” tool arises.

Exachk is a tool that is not well known within the Oracle technologists and not just for being difficult to use, but because he rarely took us a while to monitor the health of our systems and as a result we know little about tools they can us assist in that task. Well gentlemen, on this occasion we are pleased to share our experience poderles using Exachk, a very useful and easy to use tool.

Exachk esutilizado Systems “Oracle Exadata” to monitor system health, revision of firmware and software versions; eidentificar atención.Aunque problems that need to “Exadata Database Machine” remain known as “AWR” “ADDM” Grid Control, etc., necessary tools was also a tool that will monitor the hardware or firmware of the entire system, it is Exachk and emerges as a complementary tool.

Exachk analyze the entire system, it determines the state that is each component (“Grid Infrastructure”, RDBMS, “Storage Servers”, Infiniband, etc.) and check that they are running properly or if they have problems. Depending on the status of each component, the tool will collect informacióny notified the problems encountered. After running the tool a process type “watchdog” that will monitor the revisions, so that if a review is taking too long or hung, automatically the “watchdog” will cancel, he will jump and continue with the following will be created reviews.

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