Yours estimated greeting technologists Oracle, this time we are dealing with a very common issue, which on more than one occasion had to go (or pass), we are referring to the problem of handling large amounts of data in an environment where we have enough space and furthermore, we should affect both the performance of our applications. Well, one of the features that Oracle provides us to properly handle this type of scenario is the data compression using “Hybrid Columnar Compression” that this time it will be implemented in an atmosphere of “Oracle Exadata Machine”. We will see how we can benefit from this feature and discuss results of compression between the different types that exist.

“Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression” is a feature included in the “Exadata Storage Server”. This feature provides a high level of data compression on objects of a Oracle database and has the ability to customize the compression level depending on whether the environment is of type OLTP (writes and lectures frequently to non-sequential data) or type ” Datawarehousing “(frequent consultations to large amounts of data).

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