General characteristics of the 12c version :

  • In previous versions the 12c version , all databases are not of type container .
  • Starting with version 12c a database can be of container type or may remain conventional , non- CBD.
  • The Oracle database on 12c version supports the new ” multitenant ” that allows several sub databases into a master database . The master database is a sub CBD and databases are kind of PDB .
  • A container called ” ROOT” (CBD $ ROOT ) contains the ” tablespaces ” SYSTEM , SYSAUX , UNDO and TEMP and of course the control files and files ” redo log” .
  • A container called ” SEED ” (PDB $ SEED) contains the SYSTEM, SYSAUX , TEMP , EXAMPLE used as a template to create new tablespaces PDB .
  • All CDB always maintains a SEED and ROOT .
  • SEED can not be opened for reads and writes but only for reading.

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