With the new “Multi-tenant” of “Oracle Database 12c” database type “Container (CBD)” may have multiple “Pluggable Database (PDB)” which, in turn, enables any time can be switched on and off PDB. Usually the operations of connecting and disconnecting PDB are made when you need to test performance in the CBD where no PDB connected or when you have several PDB and is required to update the version of all the PDB but one in particular, in this case , this PDB should be disconnected from the CBD. To use the PDB has been disconnected, this must be connected to another CBD with the same version or another version that is properly supported. All operations of connection and disconnection of PDB can be made at any time and are easy to manage.
To connect a PDB or disconnect a manifest file type “eXtensible Markup Language (XML)”, where the information related to the “datafiles” and locating them, including information parameter file remains is used. Handling this XML file is very simple because only contains metadata PDB.

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