In the first part of this article explained why it is very important to implement security in an environment of “Oracle Exadata Database Machine” to restrict the use of the “Grid Disk” to certain databases or clusters of ASM and Also it unveiled the procedure done to implement security at ASM. In this new article we will continue the demonstration of how to implement security level database.

Restrict certain databases access to some “Exadata Cell” and certain “Grid Disk” is most often used as security in most organizations databases represent a business unit, for example, the department HR uses a different database to recruiting department, leaving the requirement to restrict the data of a department with information on the other. In other organizations, each department has a budget so not all departments can use discs that wish to store data, leaving the requirement that some databases may only use certain discs. The implementation of the security at the database represents a finer level of granularity that ASM level security since a cluster of ASM can affect multiple databases.

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