The distribution of resources is not a new topic in a Oracle database, has always existed the possibility of distributing CPU resources on a database, however, the distribution of reading and writing resources (IO) is a feature that only exists in “Oracle Database Machine” and is made possible by the “intelligence” that “Exadata Storage Server” have.

“IO Resource Manager (IORM)” is a very important component in a “Exadata Storage Server” which aims IO allocate resources to different receivers. This is very useful when in a “Oracle Exadata Machine” different databases which maintain different workloads are created, with the result that all compete among themselves for resources. A database that needs to meet a high burden of transactional (OLTP) may suffer because expect is constantly competing for resources IO. The right thing would be to allocate more resources to IO databases most customer demand and allocate few resources have IO to databases that are not a high priority, so databases with low priority will not intervene resources in databases high priority so the expectations are deleted.

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