Recovering Table in Non-Container Database and Pluggable Database (PDB) in Container Database (CDB)

Table Recovery in Pluggable Database/Non-Container Database: With Oracle Database 12c, Recover Manager (RMAN) enables you to recover one or more tables or your table partitions to a specified point in time without effecting the remaining database objects either for Pluggable [...]

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Upgrading A Database Using Recovery Manager (RMAN) Duplicate Command In Oracle 12c.

For versions of Oracle 11g R2, Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) replicates a database to a different Oracle home and opens it with NORESET LOGS option. From Oracle 12cR1, database RMAN introduced an option called ‘NO OPEN’, which duplicates your database [...]

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RMAN : how to restore and / or retrieve only ” tablespaces” essential

Estimated Oracle technologists receive a cordial greeting. Through this article, we will have the opportunity to view and go a little on the subject restoration / recovery database ( BBDDs ) using the "Skip Tablespace " option. In the context [...]

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