2000+ Hours
1000+ attendees
30+ Courses

Design Training

Software Design training to kickstart innovation in design.

  • Applied Design Patterns
  • SOA Design Patterns
  • Object Oriented Design
  • Java Security

Expert Design Training

Accelerating Designer Progress.

  • Advanced Mobile Design
  • Integration Design Patterns
  • Design for Security
  • Social Software Design
  • UX Design
  • Design for Big Data & Map Reduce Patterns
  • Mobile Security Design
  • Workflow Design
  • Advanced Java Security

Top End Design Training

Training programs to enable you to create Intelligent Designs.

  • Machine Learning
  • Complex Event Processing
  • Performance Design
  • Design for Data Analytics
  • Web Monitoring
  • Cloud Architecture & Design
  • Design with No-SQL Databases
  • Designing for Security in Financial Applications
  • Cyber Security Design
  • SOA Security Design
  • Mobile Application Security Design

Courses Offered

  • Android Native Mobile App Development
  • iOS Native Mobile App Development
  • Windows Native Mobile App Development
  • HTML5, CSS and Angular JS
  • Web Application Security Practices
  • Mobile Application Design
  • Machine Learning
  • Application of (GoF) Design Patterns and Performance Design Patterns
  • OOAD & UML Design
  • Complex Event Processing
  • Enterprise Integration Design Patterns
  • Dashboard Design
  • Security Design Patterns
  • Performance Design Patterns
  • Architectural Solutions For Enterprise System
  • Map Reduce Design Patterns
  • Service Oriented Architecture & Design
  • Oracle Database 12c
  • Oracle RAC
  • Oracle Data Guard
  • Oracle Exadata
  • Oracle Golden Gate
  • Oracle Weblogic


  • Case study approach along with Hands-on practicals.
  • The goal of the training program is to kindle innovative design thinking.
  • Course content can be customized based on your requirements.
  • Training services can be offered onsite at your facility or offsite at our facility and online via virtual training labs.