Patterns – Atom Core Banking System

Features by Unique Architecture and Design

  • Twin Engine : Mass Banking and Class banking
  • Centralized Cluster Architecture to provide local and countrywide operations
  • Performance Design – Unique No Wait on Lock features provide unprecedented performance
  • Integrated High Performance Bulk Process Engine – Multi Threaded and Multi process Engine
  • Integrated Wallets in the CBS itself : Account linked wallets and Delivery Wallets
  • Integrated Mobility and Field Operations Support
  • Android Compatible from scratch
  • Cost Sensitive Design and Architecture

Atom Architecture 

  • Multi Entity Banking System
  • Mass Banking system has very light data model
  • Class Banking system offers rich data model
  • Seamless support for financial transactions across the engines
  • Financial Collaboration Platform for service collaborations and data exchanges with associate organizations
  • Dedicated Bulk Processing engine to support real time processing with OLTP transactions
  • Integrated channel middleware with registered device repository

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