Patterns – Machine Learning Tools

  • Tools use Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Tools learn from Historical Data
  • Tools can work with Existing Applications
  • Tools use Smart Algorithms to reduce human work, aid / support human decisions

Patterns Dexter

  • Intelligent Text Extraction for automating data entry from document images including object recognition. You can know more about Dexter here

Patterns Doctor

  • Detects doctored fraudulent documents

Patterns Decider

  • Expert system that learns from past data and prepares justification notes and can take / suggest decisions

Patterns IQIT

  • Intelligent Image Quality Improvement Tool

Patterns Justifier

  • Providing justifications for decisions

Patterns Authorizer

  • Auto authorizing transactions and entries

Patterns Screener

  • Verify and scrutiny of incoming documents

Patterns Sentry

  • Sentiment Analysis tool

Patterns Hello Tool

  • Facial Recognition

Patterns CheckSign

  • Check and validate signatures in documents

Patterns Router

  • Incoming messages (service request) classifier and router

Patterns Predictor

  • Predict future outcomes based on learning from historical data(E.g.: Gold Rate Volatility)

Patterns Listener

  • Data Entry through Speech

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