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C04 – Complex Event Processing Training


This training course covers a wide range of integration solutions based on proven enterprise integration patterns that will aid the students in designing the architecture of complex interconnected business systems.

Product Description

About the Course:

Complex event processing (CEP) is an emerging network technology that creates actionable, situational knowledge from distributed message-based systems, databases and applications in real time or near real time. CEP can provide an organization with the capability to define, manage and predict events, situations, exceptional conditions, opportunities and threats in complex, heterogeneous networks.

This course will enable attendees to understand in depth on complex event processing and apply it to their regular development activities.


  1. Event Processing Basics
  2. Simple event processing and complex event processing
  3. Event processing application types
  4. Event Driven Systems landscape
  5. Designer thoughts on Events
  6. Event Interaction Styles
  7. Event Processing Principles
  8. Event Processing Network, Event Processing Agents and Event Channels, Event Clouds and Event Streams
  9. Event Processing and Event Stream Processing
    1. Event Context Management
    2. Filtering
    3. Transformations
  1. CEP Design Areas
  2. Complex Event Processing Architecture
  3. Main Categories of CEP
  4. Integrating SOA and CEP
  5. Event Patterns
    1. Basic Patterns
    2. Dimensional Patterns
  6. Pattern Policy Management
  7. NFRs in Event Processing – Performance, Scale, Security, Availability
  8. Event Processing Temporal Semantics – Time and order dependency
  9. Inexact Event Processing
  10. CEP Solution Design Patterns
  11. Example and Case Study

Course for Whom ?
This online course is designed for freshers, software programmers, architects, designers who want to learn about complex event processing

Experience in software development and analysis is required.

Training Duration: 24 Hours

Anytime connect helps learners to interact with our trainers at reachus@patterns-sdi.com