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C07 – Enterprise Integration Design Patterns


This training course covers a wide range of integration solutions based on proven enterprise integration patterns that will aid the students in designing the architecture of complex interconnected business systems.

Product Description

About the Course:

This course introduces Enterprise Integration and provides a clear understanding on all of the Enterprise Integration Design Patterns. Integration is about exchange of information / transfer of data / service request / control transfers. Integration has to take care of Diversity in systems, lack of insufficient standards, business functions spanning across multiple systems, constant change in participating applications, etc…

This course starts with Integration design views and goals, talks about integration and explains the Reference Architecture in Integration Design. The Integration challenges and approaches are discussed and it explains the attributes of Good Integration. After discussing the views, goals, challenges, approaches the course takes you through Enterprise Integration Design Patterns for solving integration problems.

Course Objectives:
After the completion of this course, you should be able to :
•    To introduce you to the integration design views and goals, reference architecture.
•    To give an clear idea on what are all the challenges faced in integration and explains the different approaches
•    This course will teach you about the concepts of message-based integration patterns
•    After completing this course you will have a clear idea on the enterprise integration challenges and how the enterprise integration patterns can be used for solving the problems

Course for Whom ?
This online course is designed for software programmers, architects, designers who want to learn about the common design patterns used for enterprise integration.

Experience in software development and analysis is required. Good knowledge on the documented design patterns of GoF will be desirable but not mandatory.

Training Duration: 24 Hours

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